Rivetier Shelving

We Buy and Sell Used Rivetier Shelving

RiveTier Boltless Shelving: Economical and high-performance, saving you time and money

Not only does it assemble in minutes, it’s actually 30% less expensive to assemble than bolted shelving, and 40% lower overall. Offering six different types of units, your problems are as good as solved.

RiveTier systems are designed to grow with your business. RiveTier’s design and engineering team can custom develop a system to meet your needs and your budget, no matter what your business application.

With rock-solid seismic applications, OSHA and UBC/BOCA approved designs, industry-leading product testing, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, and our quality assurance guarantee—you can’t go wrong with RiveTier.

Long Span Shelving

Long Span Shelving is the perfect choice when a tough, high capacity system is needed. These racks provide a strong, functional, and economical solution to your most difficult storage problems. From industrial to retail storage, Long Span holds it all.

Low Profile Shelving

The versatility of Low Profile Shelving makes it the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications, including use with mobile and mezzanine systems. Not to mention, it provides the same profile as metal shelving at a much more economical cost.

Z Beam Shelving

Z Beam Shelving combines the best of Long Span and Low Profile, creating a high-capacity system with a low-profile beam. It’s the perfect solution to maximize space in the front office or the backroom.

Record and File Storage

Efficient Record and File Storage is a difficult thing to master. Whether you need to maximize your existing space, get better organized, or archive documents and records, RiveTier has the solution. Z Beam Record Archive Shelving and Open-File Storage can solve your problems, providing you easy access to your materials without wasting space.

RiveTier Work Areas

RiveTier Work Areas are available in a variety of configurations, from tables and benches to elaborate workstations. Improve your workflow and productivity with a custom design constructed to meet your unique needs. Ideal for use as packing stations, mailing/shipping centers, computer stations, quality control stations, assembly tables, maintenance benches and more.

Multilevel RiveTier Systems

Multilevel Systems can double and even triple your usable storage space without adding overhead. Also features unobstructed access from all four sides and OSHA and UBC/BOCA approved designs.

Over time this model was updated, tested, and finally reproduced as RiveTier II: the next generation of groundbreaking boltless shelving. Manufactured from the same high-quality steel as RiveTier I, its premium design offers momentous advantages:

  • Common T-posts serve as an economical starter or adder system
  • Mitered beams reduce the number of parts—eliminating the need for separate left-to-rights (LR’s) and front-to-back (FB’s).
  • Low-cost units—lower cost per shelf than RiveTier I
  • Heavy duty posts available for catwalk systems
  • Four beam styles handle all capacity requirements
  • Assembles faster than metal shelving and requires no sway braces
  • An ideal replacement for metal shelving


We carry a variety of types of shelving which can be used for storage and also for retail display. Contact us for availability
New and Used Steel Shelving Used steel shelving is one of our specialties. We stock thousands of sections of shelving made of 18 gauge steel. Sections can be put together with nuts and bolts or can be used with clip shelving for easy installation. We carry depths from 12" – 36" and widths of 30" – 48". Invest in heavy-duty industrial steel shelving that will never need to be replaced.


New and Used Bulk Storage
The bulk storage rack are made for larger items that cannot be stored on conventional steel shelving. Sections are typically boltless and assembly is quick and easy. Items can be loaded and unloaded from both sides. Shelf levels consist of wood decking, corrugated steel, or wire decking. Depths range from 18" – 48", widths from 48" – 96".


New Store Display Shelving
Store fixture shelving is ideal for storage and display of items in a retail setting. Retail shelving is more pleasing to look at than industrial steel shelving. Whether it is a small convenience store or large department store, we can provide a floor plan to maximize your floor space.


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We Buy Used Equipment

C & S Equipment is interested in buying used equipment. If you have equipment that you are interested in selling call us. We will ask several questions and may request an onsite inspection. Before calling have the following information available:

What is available?
Pallet Racks, forklifts, shelving, mezzanines, conveyors etc.

How much do you have?
A number of sections, how many levels etc.

What are the specifications?
Size, age, the condition of the equipment.

Where is it located and is an inspection possible?
Address, and availability.

If your items meet our requirements we will provide a price quote. When we agree to terms we will arrange payment, pickup, and shipping. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you in obtaining the best price for your used storage equipment.

Call us Monday - Friday (8-5 east coast time zone), or email us and we will contact you at the time you specify.