Pallet Racks

Pallet Racks

We Buy and Sell Used Pallet Racks and Shelving

Whether you buy new or used, C&S Equipment can design, engineer, and provide installation for virtually any Pallet Rack application.

Your choice of industrial storage rack supplier will affect the profitability of your operations, over many years, with the purchase price being just one of many contributing factors.

The durability of the industrial storage rack components affects maintenance costs, expected the service life of the rack, and safety. Pallet rack components designed to achieve the lowest possible purchase price, in exclusion of these other factors, often results in a significantly higher cost per year of service.

It is C & S’s attention to the “big picture” of total material handling costs, and designing unique features into our pallet racking systems which address these factors that has to lead to our becoming one of the largest distributors of warehouse rack systems in Arizona.

Boltless Pallet Racks

For years, boltless pallet racks have been popular, due to quick assembly without tools, and a low purchase price. However, many users have found that the open-back roll formed columns do not withstand the inevitable fork truck impacts, thus any initial savings are more than offset by high maintenance and replacement costs. Steel King Industries has developed an industrial storage rack design which retains the benefits of a boltless pallet rack, while offering substantially more durability with the Column Core safety feature; Boltless Pallet Rack series retains the industry standard “tear-drop” connection, and is, in fact, interchangeable with the majority of industrial storage rack systems in use today.

Bolted Pallet Rack

For certain applications, the durability of the boltless tubular column warehouse rack is adequate, but in other environments, the extra strength and safety of a bolted pallet rack connection is preferred. As an example, in AS/RS storage systems, drive-in, pushback, die storage, coil storage, or flow rack installations, bolted industrial storage connections add a great deal of security to the industrial storage rack structure. Tubular columns and bolted connections for greater rigidity in heavy duty applications.

Structural Channel Pallet Rack

Warehouse Pallet racks constructed of the hot rolled structural channel have long been known as being extraordinarily capable of withstanding the wear and tear of the toughest environments. This has always made structural channel pallet rack popular for use in freezers, coolers, and distribution facilities. Today, with intense competition forcing nearly every company to increase throughput, the structural industrial storage rack has become a popular choice in many different industries. Steel King is no stranger to structural channel pallet rack design, having been producing this rugged rack for over 25 years.

Armed with this considerable experience, Steel King has incorporated features into our structural channel pallet rack that are proven to increase its strength and durability. These design improvements differentiate warehouse pallet rack from other structural racks, resulting in even lower maintenance costs, increased safety, and a longer service life. This difference can give you a competitive edge in your industry.

Structural Tubular Pallet Rack

For storage applications involving heavy loads, seismic locations, greater impact resistance, rack-supported buildings, and/or increased vertical heights such as automatic storage and retrieval systems Structural Tubular Pallet Rack by Steel King delivers by combining the load capacity of structural channel racks with the torsional strength of tubular steel. Unlike conventional racks which offer load capacity in the 30,000 lbs. range, the Structural Tubular Pallet Rack, with bolted beam connections, has the frame strength to support loads over 70,000 lbs.

This is more than enough rack capacity for even the heaviest die storage rack or auto part applications. Thick structural tube steel increases the frames’ load-carrying capacity and resistance to seismic forces while enabling greater resistance to fork truck impact damage.

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We Buy Used Equipment

C & S Equipment is interested in buying used equipment. If you have equipment that you are interested in selling call us. We will ask several questions and may request an onsite inspection. Before calling have the following information available:

What is available?
Pallet Racks, forklifts, shelving, mezzanines, conveyors etc.

How much do you have?
A number of sections, how many levels etc.

What are the specifications?
Size, age, the condition of the equipment.

Where is it located and is an inspection possible?
Address, and availability.

If your items meet our requirements we will provide a price quote. When we agree to terms we will arrange payment, pickup, and shipping. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you in obtaining the best price for your used storage equipment.

Call us Monday - Friday (8-5 east coast time zone), or email us and we will contact you at the time you specify.